Nathaniel Stephen

Manchester, UK

I came down to Hyderabad from Manchester, UK to see Dr. Motiwala on a friend’s recommendation. Both Dr. Motiwala and his staff have been so great. I hadn’t been to a dentist ever in my life which led to the deterioration of my oral health. Dr. Motiwala’s Dental Clinic is one of the very few places across the globe that offered full mouth dental implants without the need for a sinus lift surgery which was one less headache for me. Travelling down to Hyderabad was a breeze, thanks to Tasneem, the International Co-ordinator. I just had to provide her my travel dates and everything else was taken care of. The whole staff at the clinic was very warm and welcoming, they didn’t make me wait. Dr. Motiwala himself was very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. He took the time to explain every single step of the full mouth dental implants procedure in detail, I never felt like being rushed through the appointment. He made me very comfortable and I could sit through the set of procedures without any anxiety or hesitation. I had no problems whatsoever throughout my stay. I would like to thank Dr. Motiwala, Tasneem and other staff for the quality dental care they offer and making this experience so seamless. I highly recommend Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic and Implant Center to anyone needing dental implants.

Jessica Smith

London, UK

I got my full mouth restoration done at Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Center and cannot rate my experience high enough. Dr. Motiwala has such a great manner with his patients, he is very professional and respectful, every area of his office is instilled with this ethics. The office is equipped with the latest technology making it a one-stop shop for all your dental needs. You can get any procedure done here to the highest standards without having to step out.

I holidayed in Hyderabad for a week, got the treatment done and still saved about 70% on what I would have had to spend if I decided to get the full mouth restoration done locally here in London. They truly embody their business tagline, “Making Excellence Standard”. They strive hard to instill confidence in their patients by delivering dental care with empathy, compassion and care. Thank you, Dr. Motiwala!

Sarah Elizabeth

London, UK

By far my best experience ever with a dentist! I found Dr. Motiwala on Google, sent him an email and received a response the very next morning. I was advised a sinus lift surgery by a couple of local dentists. I sent him my oral x-rays and discussed various treatment options in detail. Dr. Motiwala advised against going for sinus lift surgery and insisted that dental implants can still be placed which was kind of hard to believe for me. The visit was arranged by Tasneem, the coordinator, and landed in for the treatment. I found Dr. Motiwala to be very skilled at a range of dental procedures, he was very accommodating and understanding, he answered all my questions and concerns in full detail and helped me alleviate my fear of the dentist chair. I am extremely pleased with the results, the implants look very natural and fit very comfortably into my mouth. A friend of mine back in the UK got full mouth implants for 4 times the price I paid here (treatment cost + plane tickets + accommodation) and the quality of the work doesn’t even come close to this. I couldn’t refer Dr. Motiwala more!

Brendon Joseph

Bristol, UK

Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Center is the best in business! I flew from Bristol, UK, to get a smile makeover and the whole process was beyond smooth. The staff made me feel like family, they were friendly and personable. The clinic is easy to find and you can catch an Ola or Uber cab to get to the clinic without any issues. Dr. Motiwala ensured I was comfortable every step of the way and I did not feel any pain or discomfort during or after the procedure. Dr. Motiwala and his staff are beyond amazing. I was delighted with the results, I couldn’t believe I was the same person. I have the perfect smile now.

I strongly recommend you go see Dr. Motiwala to get any dental work done, he has the experience and is well equipped to get it done for you, Above all, it’s extremely affordable. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic and everyone that works here. Thanks, again!

Marty Zumstein

Glasgow, UK

I visited Dr. Motiwala along with my wife in December 2018. I got full mouth restoration done and my wife got a smile design, and we are both extremely pleased with the results. The results of the treatments far exceeded our expectations.

Dr. Motiwala’s way of dealing with his patients is very unique and our comfort was his priority through the procedure. Tasneem setup our visit very efficiently, the itinerary was planned and communicated clearly. We didn’t have any issues whatsoever during the visit.

The whole visit was very cost effective compared to the prices in the UK. We cannot thank Dr. Motiwala and his team highly enough!

Francine Rechichi

London, UK

A state of the art dental clinic, centrally located, and well maintained. Dr. Motiwala is a gem – extremely professional, helpful, very understanding and does an amazing job on your teeth. I am very happy with the Permanent Teeth in 3 Days procedure Dr. Motiwala performed on me, especially for the reason that I got such high-quality treatment for an extremely low price. The same would have cost me a bomb back here in the UK. The office coordinator, Tasneem, too was very kind and friendly. To sum it up, Dr. Motiwala is a synonym of “Great Service & Amazing Results!” Thank you all very much!

Christopher McCulloch

New Castle, UK

I found Dr. Motiwala on Google, read the reviews and decided to get full mouth dental implants done by him at Hyderabad. His clinic is a world-class center equipped to perform dental procedures of any magnitude. Another major advantage is that you can get the treatment done at a fraction of the cost that you will otherwise pay in the UK. He was very kind and has very steady hands. He spent enough time with me explaining every step involved without any rush. The whole team really cares about their patients and take pride in their work. They set me up in the best hotel in the city and my movement was very meticulously planned. I neglected my oral care throughout my life and extremely lucky to have landed in the safe hands of Dr. Motiwala, he magically turned things around and I can now smile with all the confidence in the world. I have already recommended him to my friends and family and will continue to do so. Thank you Dr. Motiwala, I wish you all the very best!

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