Causes of Yellow Teeth

People take a lot of pictures at this time of year. You can make your teeth look whiter thanks to the many filters that come with sharing apps. But what about the real way your teeth look? If your teeth look yellow, it could be because of one of these things.

External Stains

Teeth are naturally a color that is a little bit off-white. Over time, stains on the surface may make them look darker and more yellow or gray. Over time, these stains on the outside of the teeth get into the tooth itself and can’t be removed with whitening toothpaste or professional teeth cleaning.


Most stains on the outside of the teeth come from dark substances, mostly drinks, that we let touch our teeth. Most teeth stains come from drinks like coffee, tea, red wine, and soda. In addition to being dark, they are all acidic. The acids in these drinks soften the enamel on the surface, which makes it easier for stains to stick.


If you smoke anything, your teeth will get stained. In particular, smoking cigarettes will cause your teeth to turn yellow and bacteria to build up in a dark brown stain. When you smoke marijuana, the bacteria that build up on your teeth turn a grayish-green color. The good news is that your dental hygienist can easily remove stains and bacteria buildup when they clean your teeth. During a teeth cleaning, polishing the teeth may make the stains on the teeth look a little better, but they are not actually taken off.

Because smoking dries out the mouth, it stains teeth more than anything else. Saliva helps get rid of dark spots and re-hardens (makes stronger) teeth that have been hurt by acid. Without saliva, stains are much more likely to stick to the teeth.

Surface Texture

The texture of the teeth’s surface can make some people more likely than others to get stains on the outside of their teeth. Like glass, enamel should be smooth and shiny. This makes it less likely for plaque and stains to stick to it. Some people’s enamel is pitted or ridged, which makes it easier for stains to stick. If your teeth seem to get stained quickly after a professional cleaning, ask Dr. Motiwala what you can do to change the texture of the enamel on the surface.

Internal Changes

So, you can control some of the stains on the outside of your teeth by staying away from the things listed above, but you have no control over the changes that happen on the inside of your teeth. In general, as people age, their teeth get more yellow or darker. This is because teeth get darker as they age, which is a natural part of growing older.

The only part of a tooth that comes close to being white is the enamel. The yellow dentin is the part of the tooth that makes up the core. Since enamel isn’t very thick, dentin can often be seen through it. As we get older, the dentin under the enamel gets thicker and more yellow and opaque. Most people’s enamel is getting thinner at the same time. Teeth wear down over time because of both physical and chemical damage. This causes the enamel to thin. So the thin layer of off-white enamel on the outside of the tooth gets thinner, and the thick layer of yellow dentin gets thicker. Overall, this makes teeth look more yellow.

How to Brighten Yellow Teeth

The good news is that professional teeth whitening works well on teeth that have turned yellow from both outside stains and internal changes. Here are some ways to make your teeth look whiter if they are yellow or dirty.

At Home

There are a few things you can do at home to make your smile look better.

  • First, stay away from the things we listed above that can stain the outside. Reduce how much of those dark drinks you drink and quit smoking.
  • When you do drink these things, rinse your mouth out quickly with plain tap water. This helps quickly get rid of any acid in the mouth and gets rid of any extra liquid from dark drinks.
  • Chewing sugar-free gum after drinking one of these acidic drinks is a natural way to get your mouth to make more saliva.
  • Use a whitening toothpaste and an electric toothbrush to clean your teeth better. Before you try this, you should talk to Dr. Motiwala if your teeth are sensitive. Most of the time, toothpaste that whitens teeth can make them more sensitive.
  • Try a teeth-whitening product you can buy over the counter. They are cheap and easy ways to try to improve your smile.

At the Dentist

At the Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Centre, there are two important ways to make your smile look better. The first one should already be part of your routine for taking care of your teeth, and the second one is up to you.

  • Professional teeth cleanings should be done on a regular basis. When our dental hygienists clean your teeth, they polish away stains on the surface of your teeth before they get into the tooth. The polishing also makes the surface of the teeth smoother and makes them less likely to get stained. By going to the dentist regularly to have your teeth cleaned, your teeth will get whiter over time.
  • Professional Teeth Whitening: If you’ve tried all of the above and still don’t like the color of your teeth, it’s time to think about getting them whitened by a professional. With our easy-to-use kit that you can take home, your teeth will be noticeably whiter in a week or less.

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