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Dental Implant Reviews – 100s of Happy Smiles

As you know that Dr. Motiwala has been successfully implanting devices for over two decades. Here at the clinic, we’ve seen it all, from patients with painful dentures to those who need a fresh smile for their wedding. One of the most rewarding aspects of our work is hearing from people, years later, about the positive impact our dental implants have had on their lives. So, here are a few of our most recent dental implant reviews:

Chris Walsh


Dental Implant ReviewsI came to Dr. Motiwala clinic due to failing (non-basal) implants done in Thailand. My experience with the previous implants was not great. I had my gums cut open, a lot of bleeding, then painful stitches followed by a 3-month wait and non cutting of the gums to place the abutments and then another wait to have the fixed bridge attached.

I found Dr. Motiwala dental clinic Everything about the trip from initial contact has been fantastic. With the treatment here, I had 6 failing implants removed, then pterygoid and basal implants placed in one 4-hour visit with no pain, no cutting of the gums, and no stitching. After the implants were placed, there was minimal swelling. Over the next 7 days, various trying were made for the bridges and after several iterations, the final quality bridges were fitted and I am very happy with them. I would recommend Dr. Motiwala to anyone considering implant treatment of any kind.

Margaret Mikhaiel

Tasmania, Australia

Dental Implant TestimonialsI had a full mouth restoration. As my teeth were continually breaking and many had to be removed from years of grinding my teeth. I chose Dr. Motiwala, Permanent teeth in 3 days technique over other dental techniques as it is completed in one day of extractions and implanted immediately. The Pterygoid implants are used for 2nd molars to strengthen the bite and it means you don’t need bone grafts and sinus lifts and gives greater support. All done and completed in one single trip. No multiple trips. Saving time and money and stress. I highly recommend Dr. Motiwala. He and all his staff are very professional and the hygiene is implemented at surgical quality.

Richard Stillman

Houston, Texas (USA)

I work in the oil and gas industry in the United States. I came to Dr. Motiwala to get affordable dental implants in India / zirconia crowns due to worn-down teeth and impacted canines. I went to several dentists in the United States and the costs for repairs were unaffordable and I was told I would have to see an oral surgeon to remove canine teeth prior to beginning any dental implant procedure. My wife found out about Dr. Motiwala Implant center through another patient on the website of the real self and scheduled an appointment. The international coordinator helped me with the hotel reservation and transportation while in India. The treatment here was excellent. The doctor was able to perform my oral surgery and implants in about 3 days(permanent teeth in 3 days). It was very convenient because in the United States I would have had to see multiple dentists in several different locations to complete the procedure. The staff and Dr. Motiwala were there to answer all of my questions and follow up with me when I needed minor adjustments with the treatment. The thing that impressed me the most is the treatment after the procedure was completed. They treated me with care and wanted me to follow up if I have any concerns. I feel comfortable knowing they have my best interest at heart and they will continue to oversee my care.

Karli Pearce

Sydney, Australia

Karli PearceMy time to shine!!

I had full mouth restoration done at Dr. Motiwala dental clinic in June 2019. Before coming to India, Dr. Motiwala advised me that I could get my implants with the technique of Permanent teeth in 3 days and using single piece basal implants plus avoiding sinus lift & bone graft. Back home, I had consulted the Australian dentist and was informed that it could be a lengthy procedure for which I was quoted A$3500 per implant. I did not want to wait for a long period of time so I researched dental procedures in India, Thailand, Mexico and other multiple clinics. I researched India and finally initiated contact with the clinic, I spoke to Tasneem, the International Co-ordinator.

I was petrified of needles, having dental phobia because of previous horrible dental treatments back home in Australia. But at the Dr. Motiwala clinic, it was excellent and gave me medication to calm my nerves to make it as pleasant as possible for me having my teeth. I was able to pick my shade which was even better. The best day of the whole procedure was the final fitting day and wow! the amazing look of my new teeth. I was over the moon.

Tomas Belcik

Lakewood, USA

Tomas BelcikHaving teeth problems all my life, and wearing partial dentures for the last ten years, I should’ve had a full mouth restoration years ago. Unfortunately, I always hesitated due to costs and time element involved getting the work done. Does full mouth restoration in 3 days sound impossible? By the American standards of dental implants dentistry it does. That’s because American dentistry, the system, the insurance companies behind it all in the US is closely linked. If you want to experience the true master of dentistry, unconstrained by red tape and free to exercise his skill, come to have the dental work done by Dr. Motiwala. He has amazing hands and attentive staff. The quality of his work is top-notch. He has great attention to detail and incredible patience. I feel that one piece basal implants are definitely better than conventional implants.

Ian Freeman

Rangiora, New Zealand

IanFreemanAfter being told by dentists in New Zealand that I couldn’t even have implant retained dentures without complicated and extremely costly bone grafts, it is true to say that I was feeling quite depressed at the prospect of having to put up with normal dentures, as I am only 45 years old.

I was therefore quite dubious (but hopeful). When I read on Dr.Motiwala’s website that it was possible to have Implants even for hopeless cases without the need for bone grafts, I was truly amazed. After I sent them a copy of my panoramic Xray, I was told that I could have a full mouth reconstruction with individual teeth and at a price that was actually affordable! After some more research, I decided to make the journey to India and I can honestly say that it has been a truly rewarding experience.

Everybody at the clinic has been fantastic. From the moment I was picked up at the airport everything has gone smoothly. After being introduced to another client here who was just in the process of having this work completed, my final nerves were put to bed.

The work done on me has been superb, with the attention to dental shown by Dr. Motiwala and his staff, shows true professionalism tempered with great patience.

I am now the proud owner of a complete set of new teeth and feel like I can actually smile again. I truly feel that I have been given a second chance.

To Dr. Motiwala, Tasneem and the rest of the staff, I can only say a big and heartfelt thank you.

Before & After Image – Dental Implant Reviews

Dental Implant Reviews from Patients

M. Wong

Businesswoman – California, USA

WORLD CLASS is the work that sums up my impression of Dr. Motiwala.

I have started my journey back in 2013. Yes, it took me that long to decide. That means, my research was extensive. I first stumbled upon Dr. Motiwala’s on the internet and was immediately impressed with the reviews. Most of the techniques I’ve seen from the US, Costa Rica and Thailand, were different from his. I was convinced from day 1 that Dr. Motiwala is the right person in my opinion, but timing was not on my side, as work and family life was in the way.

However, in August, something inside me was telling me, it cannot wait any longer. I should care for my teeth, I should not neglect them any longer since I have neglected them all my life. I finally decided to come to beautiful India and reached out to Tasneem, his International Coordinator, who was very helpful in every step of the way. She has become a familiar figure in my life for 5 years. She had been very patient and concerned about me, like a friend.

As soon as I arrived and upon meeting Dr Motiwala and Tasneem, it is everything that I expected. They have calm demeanours and empathy was the first characteristics you’ll see through them.

My first consultation was very enlightening. Apart from what you have already read on their website, Dr. Motiwala educated me about the procedures, what the whole process would entail. From the CT scan, which was done with state of the art machines that they have in the clinic, it was obvious that I had a lot of bone loss. The technique that I required was the Basal and Pterygoid implants. It was clearly explained to me, in very simple words that I, as an ordinary non-technical person, could understand. Moreover, to my great delight, he informed me that I would not be needing a bone graft, unlike what I’ve been advised to me in the US. The Pterygoid implant technique gave me the assurance that technically, my smile is engineered- to last a lifetime.

I needed full mouth restoration, and because of being on the know, because I was educated, I was not intimidated or scared. The fact that I would get the implant is in one piece and attached to 2 points. In the US, I always see implants that have 2 or 3 segments, that makes the percentage of implant failure on the higher side. This knowledge gave me tremendous confidence that I will not have any problems in the future. On that first consultation day, you can see that Dr. Motiwala has done this for years and this expertise was already innate in him. He has developed this technique years ago, and I believe he has mastered this craft. The US needs to catch up to his, at least, already 15 years of advanced technology.

Long story short, the surgery was a success. Other than for some minor discomfort, it is unbelievable that a full mouth restoration was done in 3 to 4 hours, maybe less. Imagine, 12 implants on the upper jaw. For the lower jaw, where I had so much bone loss, a couple of extractions, 8 implants were placed. It was quick and painless. At this point, my anticipation has increased, I was so excited to have my crowns in. Did I mention that this is to be done the following day, AND NOT 4 months later, just as I was told in the US? It is worth mentioning that the crowns are done by a technician with impeccable standards. Dr. Motiwala’s guidance will not get you lost, his attention to detail is down to the last millimetre. Making sure it is as natural looking as possible. He will adjust until it is perfect. His personal concern is what’s special that is rarely seen with US dentists. My experience is one of the best human kindness, I’ve ever received from anyone. From Dr. Motiwala, Tasneem, the dental assistants, the staff-every single one of them.

I highly recommend Dr. Motiwala to anyone who is going through a tough decision. Take it from me, it took me 5 years, but it is the best decision I have made in my life. I now have a beautiful smile that I will carry with me forever. Thank you to the advanced method by Dr. Motiwala, my whole life has changed.


Dallas, USA

I was told in the U.S Dallas, TX, that sinus lift/bone graft were necessary for implants. In addition, many months later the process would be complete. Estimated cost in Dallas was $50000. I researched implants elsewhere, but Dr. Motiwala caught my attention because :

* No bone grafting required
* No sinus lift required
* Complete full mouth restoration in 10 days
* Cost estimated at approx. USD 17000
* Only one trip required to India.

It sounded too good to be true, but I took a leap of faith and came to Hyderabad. Long story short, I am very pleased with my new teeth, they look and feel great. Dr. Motiwala is a dental artist, very proficient and efficient. All major work extractions and implants was done in 4 hours. AMAZING!

The staff was very courteous, and helpful, especially Ms. Tasneem. I thank her very much.

My sincere appreciation to Dr. Motiwala and all his staff.

I would highly recommend your implants be done at this clinic.


North Carolina, USA

One of the best decisions I have ever made!

MarkI had begun looking into having my teeth replaced about 2 years ago after many­­­ years of neglecting dental health due to the fear of pain I had from early childhood procedures. I­­­ began looking overseas as an option because of the very affordable pricing. I came upon Dr. Motiwala’s site and was impressed by the many international reviews and the price. As I looked further into the actual methods used, I was impressed by the use of the Pterygoid basal implants technologies. When I found that this would be able to be completed in 1 trip, I was further intrigued. I had been given the routine and figured I would continue looking further and educate myself on the options available. Almost a year later, I came to realize I would likely not find an option as good and now simply needed to overcome the constant fear my family and friends were trying to put into my mind. One relative even offered to pay the difference if I would have done in the US, but I was convinced this IS the best option. Yes, it is sometimes difficult to step out off our comfort zones to seek such a drastic and even crucial medical procedure. I spoke to the doctor and Tasneem over the phone for almost an hour explaining my fears and concerns. I was reassured in all the matters such as pain, length of recovery and the guarantee of success with a lifetime warranty. I exhausted all other alternatives and was beginning to feel comfortable with the idea of overseas. Every US option was met with resistance by the US medical system. Dentist became hostile at me for even considering. I asked my dentist her thought and she explained I should not even consider it. I asked that she look at this technology and refused to do so. She sits on the Board of directors of the top dental school in the country and would not even look at it. The most hostility I was met with, the more I was convinced I had correctly chosen the right option. DO NOT be afraid to have this procedure done here!

Tasneem was crucial in moving things forward with all arrangements such as hotel options, airport transfers, and clinical visits. I am now so very happy and convinced that my choice was the best I could possibly have made. The comments received are anything from ‘looks great’, ‘almost to perfect’ ‘great colour as they are not to white’ and ‘excellent size’ and ‘WOW’.

The entire staff is wonderful and I do not see any reason for you to be disappointed to have this procedure done by a wonderful and talented Doctor such as Motiwala.

John Foster

Bristol, UK

John FosterAfter researching for a number of years and fast approaching “real dental problems” with my remaining teeth. I took the plunge and sent Dr.Motiwala my panoramic dental scan. A full mouth solution was offered in a two-week timescale at a much more economical price.

Many of my friends couldn’t believe I would go to India for this work but after reading the information and testimonials on Dr.Motiwala’s website I took the plunge and booked tickets and arranged for visa, etc. Tasneem has been brilliant in chasing and arranging transport/hotels.etc. After the initial consultation all the implants were placed and temporaries provided.

Dr.Motiwala and his dental team adopted extreme hygiene controls during this completely painless process, very important and the whole procedure was carried out in a most professional manner. After 5 days of various fittings and adjustments, I have a complete set of fantastic permanent teeth. Dr.Motiwala is at the top of his game and currently probably the best available anywhere.

Hyderabad/India is a colourful/diverse place and I have felt very safe walking around during the day and evening.

Thank you Dr.Motiwala and Tasneem to a new lease of life.

Birendra Roy

London, UK

A very pleasant and painless full-mouth restoration

Birendra RoyHello. I am based in London. After doing over a year of research, I zeroed in on Dr. Motiwala to have a full mouth reconstruction using basal implants and having it done within 3 days. The reason being every other implantologist I consulted in London, Budapest, Mexica, Philippines, Turkey, Spain, etc. said that I needed a surgical sinus lift and bone augmentation. In this revolutionary new process practiced by Dr. Motiwala, I need not have any of those things done and would have permanent teeth in approximately three to 5 days.

After the initial examination, panoramic x-ray, CT scan, and blood test, my surgery started on 24th December 2018. In about 4 hours’ time, extractions over and implants placed in my mouth. The procedure was painless and temporary crowns were placed over the implants the same day. Impressions were also taken to craft the permanent zirconia crowns. The doctor checked the condition of the implants and tried the permanent crowns. He then made several adjustments to make sure the crowns fitted perfectly and asked me to come back the next day for a second trial. After the second trial and slight further adjustments, the permanent crowns were all set in on Friday. I came back on Saturday for one last final check and instructions on how to maintain the implants for the rest of my life.

I am very happy with Dr. Motiwala and his outstanding staff, particularly, Farida, Rabia, Ashwaq, Soumya and everyone else. The facilities here are world class with the latest equipment and very hygienic. The prices are really competitive and you are done within a week.

There are several attractive 5-star hotels nearby with great prices negotiated by the clinic for you. This is the best place I can recommend to have any implant or mouth restoration work done.

JoAnne Hudson

California, USA

Joanne HudsonDr. Motiwala changed my life dramatically. His skill and expertise far exceed my expectations as well as his staff and the people of India. Previous dentists (at least 20) had informed me that my dental work was extensive, complicated, and very expensive and required intrusive surgery (sinus Lift and bone graft) over a period of at least one year.

The last dental evaluation prior to Dr. Motiwala was provided by a well-known dental school in California. The cost was $34000 with no guarantee of success. I began searching the internet for the best implantologist in the world and discovered “Dental Tourism”.After a lengthy search one day, I stumbled across Dr. Motiwala’s trademark technique (non-evasive 3-day procedure, difficult but “easily done” at less than 1/3 the cost with a lifetime warranty).

Multiple implants, extractions and crowns later. I am smiling and can say Dr. Motiwala was one of the best decisions I ever made. He identified the problem, provided 2 functional/optional treatment plans with high/low cost and successfully completed the work. In my opinion, Dr. Motiwala is an intensely focused and highly skilled artist/implantologist, who knows how to change a person’s life with a smile.

Before & After Image – Dental Implant Reviews

Dental Implant Reviews/Testimonials

Yvette Vandenbergh


Quick and beautiful and nearly painless After extensive research I found Dr. Motiwala online. I was advised by dentures and was researching for a permanent solution. Ultimately, I decided to go for the full mouth procedure at Dr. Motiwala without sinus lift and bone grafts. I won’t lie, the first dental treatment day wasn’t much fun with all the teeth removed and implants put in. It hurts! But the next day, the pain was gone and I didn’t even need the pain killers, and that remained the same throughout the rest of the treatment. With the basal implants, you’re all done in a few days and also for a very affordable price. At home, implants would have cost a multiple and the dentist was reluctant to even do this because I had some bone loss. But if it would have been done, it would have cost months – if not a year – to get this whole procedure done. If you are in a doubt, doubt no further. The help from Tasneem, Farida, and all the other staff is simply amazing, and Dr. Motiwala himself is excellent at what he does. The result is stunning, and my family even said “the teeth look like they have always been there”. I have gained my confidence back! If you want to know more, do reach out to Tasneem for my contact info, and I’ll be happy to speak with you.

Nathaniel Stephen

Manchester, UK

I came down to Hyderabad from Manchester, UK to see Dr. Motiwala on a friend’s recommendation. Both Dr. Motiwala and his staff have been so great. I hadn’t been to a dentist ever in my life which led to the deterioration of my oral health. Dr. Motiwala’s Dental Clinic is one of the very few places across the globe that offered full mouth dental implants without the need for a sinus lift surgery which was one less headache for me. Travelling down to Hyderabad was a breeze, thanks to Tasneem, the International Co-ordinator. I just had to provide her my travel dates and everything else was taken care of. The whole staff at the clinic was very warm and welcoming, they didn’t make me wait. Dr. Motiwala himself was very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. He took the time to explain every single step of the full mouth dental implants procedure in detail, I never felt like being rushed through the appointment. He made me very comfortable and I could sit through the set of procedures without any anxiety or hesitation. I had no problems whatsoever throughout my stay. I would like to thank Dr. Motiwala, Tasneem and other staff for the quality dental care they offer and making this experience so seamless. I highly recommend Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic and Implant Center to anyone needing dental implants.

Jessica Smith

London, UK

I got my full mouth restoration done at Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Center and cannot rate my experience high enough. Dr. Motiwala has such a great manner with his patients, he is very professional and respectful, every area of his office is instilled with this ethics. The office is equipped with the latest technology making it a one-stop shop for all your dental needs. You can get any procedure done here to the highest standards without having to step out.

I holidayed in Hyderabad for a week, got the treatment done and still saved about 70% on what I would have had to spend if I decided to get the full mouth restoration done locally here in London. They truly embody their business tagline, “Making Excellence Standard”. They strive hard to instill confidence in their patients by delivering dental care with empathy, compassion and care. Thank you, Dr. Motiwala!

Sarah Elizabeth

London, UK

By far my best experience ever with a dentist! I found Dr. Motiwala on Google, sent him an email and received a response the very next morning. I was advised a sinus lift surgery by a couple of local dentists. I sent him my oral x-rays and discussed various treatment options in detail. Dr. Motiwala advised against going for sinus lift surgery and insisted that dental implants can still be placed which was kind of hard to believe for me. The visit was arranged by Tasneem, the coordinator, and landed in for the treatment. I found Dr. Motiwala to be very skilled at a range of dental procedures, he was very accommodating and understanding, he answered all my questions and concerns in full detail and helped me alleviate my fear of the dentist chair. I am extremely pleased with the results, the implants look very natural and fit very comfortably into my mouth. A friend of mine back in the UK got full mouth implants for 4 times the price I paid here (treatment cost + plane tickets + accommodation) and the quality of the work doesn’t even come close to this. I couldn’t refer Dr. Motiwala more!

Brendon Joseph

Bristol, UK

Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Center is the best in business! I flew from Bristol, UK, to get a smile makeover and the whole process was beyond smooth. The staff made me feel like family, they were friendly and personable. The clinic is easy to find and you can catch an Ola or Uber cab to get to the clinic without any issues. Dr. Motiwala ensured I was comfortable every step of the way and I did not feel any pain or discomfort during or after the procedure. Dr. Motiwala and his staff are beyond amazing. I was delighted with the results, I couldn’t believe I was the same person. I have the perfect smile now.

I strongly recommend you go see Dr. Motiwala to get any dental work done, he has the experience and is well equipped to get it done for you, Above all, it’s extremely affordable. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic and everyone that works here. Thanks, again!

Marty Zumstein

Glasgow, UK

I visited Dr. Motiwala along with my wife in December 2018. I got full mouth restoration done and my wife got a smile design, and we are both extremely pleased with the results. The results of the treatments far exceeded our expectations.

Dr. Motiwala’s way of dealing with his patients is very unique and our comfort was his priority through the procedure. Tasneem setup our visit very efficiently, the itinerary was planned and communicated clearly. We didn’t have any issues whatsoever during the visit.

The whole visit was very cost-effective compared to the prices in the UK. We cannot thank Dr. Motiwala and his team highly enough!

Francine Rechichi

London, UK

A state of the art dental clinic, centrally located, and well maintained. Dr. Motiwala is a gem – extremely professional, helpful, very understanding and does an amazing job on your teeth. I am very happy with the Permanent Teeth in 3 Days procedure Dr. Motiwala performed on me, especially for the reason that I got such high-quality treatment for an extremely low price. The same would have cost me a bomb back here in the UK. The office coordinator, Tasneem, too was very kind and friendly. To sum it up, Dr. Motiwala is a synonym of “Great Service & Amazing Results!” Thank you all very much!

Christopher McCulloch

New Castle, UK

I found Dr. Motiwala on Google, read the reviews and decided to get full mouth dental implants done by him at Hyderabad. His clinic is a world-class center equipped to perform dental procedures of any magnitude. Another major advantage is that you can get the treatment done at a fraction of the cost that you will otherwise pay in the UK. He was very kind and has very steady hands. He spent enough time with me explaining every step involved without any rush. The whole team really cares about their patients and take pride in their work. They set me up in the best hotel in the city and my movement was very meticulously planned. I neglected my oral care throughout my life and am extremely lucky to have landed in the safe hands of Dr. Motiwala, he magically turned things around and I can now smile with all the confidence in the world. I have already recommended him to my friends and family and will continue to do so. Thank you Dr. Motiwala, I wish you all the very best!

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