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Tuberopterygoid Implants Excellent

Tuberopterygoid Implants

Tuberopterygoid Implants Vs. Zygomatic implants

It’s hard to say which one is more effective with comprising in both Tuberopterygoid Implants or Zygomatic implants. But if you have been told that there is less bone in your upper jaw for dental implants then do not worry. In this type of cases, the solution is Pterygoid implant which applies in severe bone resorption in the upper jaw.

It is best to have Pterygoid implants for dental implants in upper jaw beside Zeugmatic implants. As per old technique, patients were going for sinus lift or bone grafts which very much complex in all by side. But in a single procedure, we place the permanent crown in 3 days after Pterygoid implants. The pterygoid process is an easy process which done under local anesthesia.

Tuberopterygoid Implants
Tuberopterygoid Implants

Dental Implant – which one is better?

Please look at the table below to understand which one is better option for you and why.

Tuberopterygoid implant Zygomatic implant
Type of implants Single piece Implants is used. No screw loosening and no crestal bone loss. Screw based implants used. Loosening screw is a problem
Cantilevers No cantilevers placed Molars if given are placed as cantilevers that decrease life of the bridge and then cause screw loosening on the implant.
Criteria No contraindications Symptom free and pathologically free sinus
Relative risk of failure No risk of sinusitis, Since sinus is not involved Risk of sinus infection
Permanent bridge Permanent ceramic bridge on the 3rd day of implant placement, as the implant engages hard cortical bone. Acrylic/plastic for first four months. Then cantilever permanent ceramic bridge given after 4 months.
CT scan Not needed there Compulsorily
Surgical guide Not needed there Compulsorily
Anesthesia Local anesthesia with or not including sedation General anesthesia
Cost of implant Being regular sized single piece implant it is relatively cheap. Zygomatic implants are very long artificial specifically for the purpose, hence very expensive. The cost of the technique is more as CT scan and surgical guide is used.
No of implants for full upper jaw 8-10 for upper jaw 6 -10 for upper jaw
No of teeth 14 teeth are given there. Teeth replaced till second molar 10 teeth or 12 teeth given there. 2nd molar is not given
No of trips One trip, as stable ceramic crown or bridge is placed in 3 days Two trips. stable teeth fixed after 3 months of implant placement
Warranty Lifetime warranty on implant No warranty

The option of fixed teeth on dental implants in upper jaw:

Cantilever bridges: It devised to avoid the expensive and aggressive bone grafting by placing just 4 or 6 implants in the front part of the jaw. Then placing a set of just 10/12 teeth. As 1st molar crowns are placed as cantilevers but there is no need to replace 2nd molars at all. Occasionally, only 10 teeth are placed. The permanent ceramic bridges are fixed after 3-6 months which is another disadvantage of cantilevers.


Tuberopterygoid Implants

Tuberpterygoid implants are implants which located the upper jaw area (2nd molar). In the upper jaw, they let the prosthetic rehabilitation on dental implants. For immediate loading of the implants, the applied forces go to pterygomaxillar buttress area for allowing.

Advantages of Pterygoid Implants

  • No need of sinus grafting.
  • From front teeth or implants no cantilevers needed.
  • As teeth up to second molars are replaced efficient chewing is possible then. Normally in cantilevers and Zygomatic implant cases 2ndmolars are not replaced. If it happened, then they are ended as cantilevers which create the last implant weak and the bridge susceptible to fracture after many years.
  • In the Pterygoid area the bone is cortical in nature and hence very strong and rigid allowing Immediate loading with a permanent crown just within 3 days.
  • Comparison to conventional dental implants single piece implants are used which are much stronger.
  • Bone is always available in the Pterygoid area so it is good for those patients who want to dental implants in the upper jaw.
  • Patients have no swelling or bleeding and patients need not stop blood thinners if they are taking any blood. All this possible for using flapless technique.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Success rate is 100%.

Hence, we can be assured that Pterygoid implants are the best choice for any condition. Also, implant practitioners recommend it even more.

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Tuberopterygoid Implants Tuberopterygoid Implants Vs. Zygomatic implants Tuberopterygoid Vs. Zygomatic implants

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