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Best Dental Bonding Cost In India - The Sinuslift

Why Is Dental Bonding Needed?

dental bonding cost in India

Why Is Dental Bonding Needed?

Do you have stained, broken, or chipped tooth? With dental bonding, your tooth can look entirely new and fresh again. Luckily, dental bonding cost is not too high.

Dental bonding is a dental procedure that is part of cosmetic dentistry. In this procedure, a composite material – that is tooth-colored – is put to the tooth, which is then reshaped, hardened, and polished. It is referred to as bonding as the material bonds to the tooth. Bonding is considered suitable to fix chipped or broken tooth or when it is required to close gaps of a patient. Additionally, the affordable dental bonding cost and its effectiveness have made it a suitable replacement over silver fillings for filling up cavities.

In dental bonding, a dental surgeon first begins by applying phosphoric acid to the teeth’s surface. Slowly, it roughens that surface so the bonding material can easily fuse. Unlike other dental procedure, the patient doesn’t feel any pain during the surgery. After the surgeon shapes and sculpts the bonding material on the tooth, they use a special type of light through which the material hardens. Subsequently, the composite receives one last polish.
Dental Bonding cost in india

The whole procedure is finished in one visit to the dentist where a dentist may take 60 minutes at maximum to apply bonding to your teeth.

Additionally, unlike other treatment, anesthesia is not usually required in dental bonding, except for when bonding is performed for filing a decayed tooth. Dental bonding cost in India also needs the least amount of enamel removal than other procedures like crowns and veneers.

Dental Bonding Cost in India

The dental bonding cost in Australia depends on various factors. These include the number of teeth that need bonding and if the patient has any pre-existing dental conditions like any gum disease. According to an Australian survey, dental bonding cost in Australia can cost $600 for each tooth. This means that if you require bonding for multiple teeth, your final bill can easily exceed $3,000.

Rather than paying such exorbitant dental bills, you can contemplate your getting your dental bonding treatment in India. The dental bonding cost in India is only 10% of your Australia budget. All you need to is to visit Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Center, where Dr. Irfan Motiwala can consult you. Dr. Motiwala will examine your teeth and will explain how bonding will be used to improve your teeth.

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