Full Mouth Restoration in Australia – Post Surgery Management

full mouth restoration in Australia

After getting done with your full mouth restoration in India, you need to keep the following considerations in mind.

What to Do After the First Hour?

The dental surgeon must have placed various gauze packs in your surgical sites; bite them gently but strongly. Keep them till the first hour. After one hour, remove the packs if the bleeding stops. In case the bleeding continues, use new gauze and keep it on the surgical sites for another half hour. For best results, use tap water to dampen the gauze.

What to Do for the Remaining Day?

For the remaining day, don’t touch the surgical sites. Refrain from probing the area with any object. If you got to rinse your mouth, do it gently. Keep in mind that smoking affects healing negatively; therefore avoid it till you are completely healed.

How to Maintain Oral Hygiene?

It is essential to maintain a clean mouth. Gently brush your teeth on the surgery night. If you did not have any severe bleeding, you could use salt water rinses from the next day. These rinses can be performed twice or thrice in a day – ideally after finishing your meals.

What Activities Can You Perform?

For the first day, it is recommended to have a complete bed rest. Avoid lifting, bending or engaging in any laborious activity, or it may cause sudden pain and bleeding. Additionally, you have to be wary while standing up from a lying down position. If you regularly exercise, forget it for a while. Exercise after full-mouth restoration surgery can result in discomfort, swelling, and bleeding. You can begin exercising after four days.

What If Bleeding Is Caused Again?

While initially, you maybe successful in controlling the bleeding, however, it is not fully gone. You may experience bleeding in the next two days, although most of it will be saliva. You can again use gauze packs and bite them to reduce bleeding.

Cost of Full Mouth Restoration

The cost of full mouth restoration in Australia is almost $35,000. Instead of paying such high dental bills, consider full mouth restoration in India. Visit Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Center and consult Dr. Irfan Motiwala. He will not only ensure that your cost of full mouth restoration is reduced by almost 80% but he will also make sure that you get the best possible treatment.

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