Opt for Full Mouth Restoration in Hyderabad, Save Over $50k or £42000

Full Mouth Restoration in Hyderabad Can Save You Over $50k or £42,000!

This article contains important information that will help you comprehend the cost of full mouth restoration in Hyderabad, India Vs. the United States.

By flashing that big smile and your beautiful white teeth whether you’re out with friends or at a party, you could gain the confidence you need. As you slice into the massive burger, all of your teeth should be visible, indicating that they are all intact and healthy.

Do you feel the same way about your present set of teeth? Your need for confidence may be met at Dr. Motiwala’s Dental Clinic & Implant Center with the low cost of full mouth reconstruction in Hyderabad, India offered by Dr. Motiwala’s patented “Permanent Teeth in 3 DaysTM” procedure. It’s definitely worthy!

Full mouth restoration in Hyderabad
Deborah from Phoenix, USA, saved thousands by deciding to get full mouth restoration in Hyderabad at Dr. Motiwala’s clinic; and she is delighted with the results.

To receive a full mouth reconstruction, you don’t have to declare bankruptcy or let go of all your long-term savings. If you undergo a full mouth reconstruction in Hyderabad, you may save anywhere from USD $15k to $50k or £12,000 to £42,000, depending on your specific needs. Some of the people we’ve assisted have really saved more than USD $50k £42,000 on dental care in India.

A full mouth restoration procedure can replace every tooth in your upper jaw, lower jaw, or both jaws. To restore the natural appearance of your teeth, a set of implants is placed and prostheses are loaded. You can replace your upper arch, lower arch, or full mouth with dental implants. In addition, we can place implants without doing a sinus lift or bone transplant.

Cost of Full Mouth Restoration in Hyderabad – The Factors

Some of the factors that play a deciding role in the cost of full mouth restoration in Hyderabad or any other country are the technique, the product quality, the quantity, and the length of the process. Some of the essential elements are listed below.

Full mouth restoration in India

EXTRACTIONS: The cost of full mouth reconstruction is increased by the necessity for patients to have their compromised permanent teeth removed prior to receiving implants. The extractions typically add between £41 to £82 ($50 and $100) to the overall cost of the dental implants, which is a small additional expense.

BONE GRAFT: When you have a strong jaw bone, the implants are reliable and long-lasting. However, significant bone loss is linked to age and a few medical problems. Additionally, wearing dentures causes the jawbones to weaken and shrink, necessitating a bone graft. A bone graft normally costs around USD $1,500 in the US which is equivalent to £ 1250. However, basal implants and pterygoid implants in Permanent Teeth in 3 DaysTM remove the need for a bone graft, sinus lift, or time-consuming procedures like block grafting if you decide to have treatment from Dr. Motiwala.

IV SEDATION: Basal implants are flapless and self-tapping, which considerably reduces the entire operation time. Pills are good enough to induce required level of sedation.

ADDITIONAL PROCEDURES: The table below compares the price of a full mouth restoration in Hyderabad, India and the USA.

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Can You Actually Save 80%, Then?

The cost of a full mouth restoration in Hyderabad is still 80% less expensive after paying for your airfare to India, a 4-Star hotel stay, quality meals, and other travel expenses.

One of our patients was able to save USD $20,000 or £16,500 by getting dental implants in India. You might save up to USD $53,000 or £44,000 on the cost of a full mouth restoration in Hyderabad if you choose to have surgery at Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Center. You want to know how, I’m sure.

The breakdown of one of our patients’ cost of full mouth restoration in Hyderabad is given here. He made the decision to travel to India and had a full mouth fixed bridge with six implants placed while on vacation in India. Although you might just need one visit to finish the therapy, this patient had to travel to Hyderabad twice, with a four-month break in between each trip to allow for rehabilitation. Using the cost comparison below, you can quickly determine your savings.

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* We typically need to do 6 root canal operations for infected teeth.
* On average, six dental implants are utilised to replace missing teeth.

Full mouth reconstruction or full mouth restoration is suggested when a patient has many dental issues. Patients who have had a few missing teeth for a long period, worn-out teeth that have created a collapsed bite, diseased teeth, and misaligned teeth might consider full mouth restoration in Hyderabad.

Such patients undergo a range of dental operations, including root canal therapy to treat any infected teeth that may be present, dental crowns to restore the form and function of all the teeth, extending the bite to restore the tooth’s normal height, and dental implants to replace missing teeth. Full mouth restoration in Hyderabad with a combination of all these other procedures is aimed to enhance the look and performance of the teeth and the surrounding soft tissues.

By choosing the reasonably priced full mouth restoration in Hyderabad, you might even finish your treatment in a single trip and save up to $58,000 USD or £48000 GBP.

So, What is Your Best Option?

Who doesn’t like discounts? You may also go for full mouth dental implants without bone graft or sinus lift, Dr. Motiwala has a wonderful dental tourism package for his patients.

Dr. Motiwala’s Dental Tourism Package

  • Package Cost: USD $18,000 or £15,000
  • Procedure: Full Mouth Dental Implants with Permanent Teeth in 3 Days(TM)
  • Dental holiday in Hyderabad, India
  • Dentist: Dr. Irfan Motiwala, BDS, MDS, Fellow (I.S.O.I.), Diplomate (ICOI – USA), Oral & Maxillofacial surgeon, Certified Implantologist

Package Inclusions:

Full mouth restoration in Hyderabad

  • Consultation
  • 3D CT Scan
  • Blood Test and Medical Checkup
  • 10 Swiss Basal Implant in upper jaw
  • 2 Pterygoid Implants in upper jaw
  • 10 Swiss Basal Implant in lower jaw
  • Permanent fixed NexxZr zirconia prosthesis
  • Zero dental bone graft cost in India
  • All the Extractions as required
  • Hyderabad Airport Pickup and Drop-off
  • Local Transportation

Testimony of Patricia from West Midlands

After several years of tooth problems and being told that I had receding gums, could not have dental implants, and had to have dentures which I could not just get on with. Researched the internet and found Dr. Motiwala and emailed Tasneem who arranged for me from the hotel to visits and my treatment has all been done implants crowns and extractions.
Very very happy with the service. Dr. Motiwala is a genius and all his team is excellent. I would strongly recommend Dr.Motiwala for anybody who has dental problems. Thank you.

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