How Does Tooth Bleaching Work?

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How Does Tooth Bleaching Work?

Tooth bleaching and Smile design dentistry

Perfect smile dentistry includes a comprehensive set of dental services that are aimed to enhance the teeth and smile of a person. If your teeth are full of stains and have lost their original color, you can take advantage of smile design dentistry and have tooth bleaching.

In teeth bleaching, carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide is used. The use of these chemicals permeates teeth. In this way, deeper discoloration and surface staining are removed from the enamel.

There are two types of bleaching: in-practice and take-home. For the former, a powerful type of bleach is employed which uses accelerator light on the teeth. Teeth are whitened within a single session. Hence, if you are looking for quick results, it is a feasible solution.

To make sure that your results last for extended periods, dental surgeons offer bleaching kits for home use. When you go to a dentist, they scrap your teeth moulds to build custom-fit trays. After the trays are constructed, they are tested on you to make sure that they are a good fit.

The dentist will also explain the process of using the kit. The bleaching chemical has to be applied inside the trays, so you can apply them for brief periods daily. This practice goes for around a week. The purpose of these trays is to provide chemical protection to your teeth, so your gums are not exposed.

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Your dentist can also recommend whitening toothpastes. It can eliminate surface stains via mild abrasives. These toothpastes can polish your teeth and remove the stains. However, they cannot modify the color of your teeth as bleaches do. During teeth bleaching; it becomes a lot more necessary to keep an eye on your oral health. Don’t forget to floss and brush before the bleaching process.

Tooth bleaching or Professional Teeth Whitening Cost

The professional teeth whitening cost depends on your location, services offered, and what tools your dental surgeon uses. At a minimum, a session can cost you $500 at least. If your teeth are not stained a lot, one session is good enough to whiten your teeth. Otherwise, you may have to visit the clinic several times to make your teeth entirely white.

Your take-home treatment can cost over $400. Visit Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Center if you want to whiten your teeth at a reduced cost. Dr. Irfan Motiwala uses contemporary tools and equipment through which your teeth can always remain white.

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