Is Dental Surgery Safe During Pregnancy?

Is Dental Surgery Safe During Pregnancy?

Is Dental Surgery Safe During Pregnancy?

When you are expecting, you want to take every precaution to ensure the safety of your unborn child. As a result, you are constantly looking for advice on how to keep fit and strong for your child. Sadly, there is a lot of false information out there about this subject.

For instance, you may have heard that having dental work done while pregnant is bad for the unborn child. Numerous studies have revealed that more than 40% of pregnant women hold this myth to be true. In actuality, even after becoming pregnant, you still need to get dental care because your oral health does not become any less significant.

Can I Get Dental Surgery While Expecting?

Dental surgery can be safely done if you experience a dental emergency while pregnant. For instance, the problem may get very painful if dental decay starts to harm the nerve endings inside your tooth. You can be advised to get a root canal or have your tooth pulled in such a case. These procedures are essential to help you manage your pain and concentrate on taking better care of your pregnancy. Although they could make you feel uncomfortable, these procedures are safe and won’t harm your kid.

Sedation, What About It?

One of the reasons many pregnant women avoid getting their teeth cleaned is fear of sedation. They worry that the anesthetic used during dental operations may harm their unborn children. However, research has proven that sedating a mother has no effect on the child growing inside of her, and sedation dentistry can be done without harm.

Therefore, whether you require general or local anesthetic, your kid won’t suffer any harm as a result. Therefore, if sedation is the only thing keeping you from having dental surgery while pregnant, you should get over your anxieties and decide what is best for your dental health.

When Dental Surgery Should Be Avoided During Pregnancy

Naturally, dental work can be done at any point throughout pregnancy. However, if X-rays are required, the second trimester is the ideal time to perform oral surgery because all of your baby’s vital organs have developed at that point.

It may be recommended that you wait until after giving birth if non-emergency dental surgery is required during the third trimester. It is safe to have dental surgery while pregnant, and it is surely safer than postponing a necessary procedure and allowing the issue to worsen.

Consult a reputable dentist if you experience dental problems while pregnant to identify the safest, most effective course of action. By phoning us or completing our online contact form, you can get in touch with the clinic run by Dr. Motiwala.

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