Keys to Fresh Breath

Keys to Fresh Breath

At the Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Centre, we can help you and your family with all of your dental and orthodontic needs, including getting rid of bad breath. There are many things that can cause bad breath, and it’s not always because of how well you take care of your teeth.

There are many ways to make your breath smell and taste better. Here are some ways to get rid of the bad smell in your mouth.

Brush and Floss Every Day!

Since you were young, your doctor has probably told you to brush and floss your teeth every day to keep your teeth and gums healthy and strong. They are correct! If you brush and floss your teeth twice a day, you won’t get cavities. If you don’t brush and floss regularly, bad germs and plaque can grow in your mouth and make it smell bad. These germs can cause cavities, infections, or gum disease quickly, which can make your breath smell bad. If this buildup of harmful germs isn’t cleaned for a long time, you might even lose your teeth.

It only takes a few minutes to brush and clean. We even suggest buying a water flosser, which can get food out of your teeth that flossing and brushing can’t reach. For example, have you ever gotten a piece of popcorn stuck in your teeth? With a water flosser, it would be gone almost right away! Don’t forget that a water flosser is used in addition to brushing, not instead of it.

During your visit, don’t be afraid to ask a member of our team for help with making or improving your routine.

Tongue Scraper

A tongue scraper is exactly what it sounds like: it’s a tool that scrapes your tongue to get rid of germs or food that could cause bad breath. The scrapers come in different sizes and can be made of metal or plastic. They are easy to use; just stick out your tongue, start at the back of the tongue, and slowly move the scraper forward. Repeat until your whole tongue is covered. Wipe off the tool between each scrape.

A Balanced Diet

Even if you brush and floss your teeth every day, what you eat has a big impact on how your breath smells. What you eat can affect how your breath smells in many ways. High-acid foods and low-carb diets are just two examples. A well-balanced meal gives you the vitamins and nutrients your body and digestive system need to work well. This can lead to acid reflux, which can make your breath smell bad.

Some foods that can help you get rid of bad breath are raw fruits and veggies, herbs, yogurt, and sugar-free gum.

Regular Dental Cleanings

We know it can be scary to go to the doctor. We know that it can be hard to remember to come to a meeting that was set up months ago. We want all of our patients at Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Centre to be happy and healthy. We try to make sure that people of all ages are comfortable in our offices so that they will be more likely to get regular dental cleanings and keep healthy habits.

During your dental cleaning, a skilled member of the team will get rid of the germs, plaque, and tartar that have built up on your teeth. Then, your dentist will look for cavities, broken fillings, gum disease, and other important problems that need to be fixed. If they find something, they will talk with you about how to treat it. If they don’t, your teeth are healthy and your mouth is happy.

Even if you think your mouth is fine, you should still get your teeth cleaned every six months (or as often as your dentist tells you to) to make sure it stays that way.


Food and drinks can leave behind residue that makes your breath smell bad, especially if it stays there for a long time. Rinsing your mouth with water after a meal helps get rid of smelly bits and loosen any food that might be stuck between your teeth. When you leave food in your mouth, the germs in your mouth can eat as much as they want.

A body that is well-hydrated also has better breath. If you drink a lot of water, you’ll be less likely to get bad breath. With each sip of water, the mouth gets a little bit cleaner.

Use an Oxygenated or Alcohol-Free Mouthwash

People have long known that mouthwashes make their breath fresh and sweet. But, just like not everyone needs the same face wash, not everyone needs the same mouthwash. It depends on what each person wants and needs.

If your mouthwash has a lot of alcohol, it can dry out your mouth and cause bad breath over time. Staying hydrated and using a mouthwash with a low amount of alcohol can help you avoid this.

When your mouth is clean, it smells good. People with long-term problems like gingivitis or gum disease usually use oxygenated mouthwashes, but anyone can use them. They help get rid of the germs and plaque that build up in the mouth.

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