One Piece Implants – Affordable Dental Implants

One Piece Implants – Affordable Dental Implants

One of the special gifts of modern implantology is one-piece implants, the most affordable dental implants. It can give patients immediate teeth just in one day. Immediate teeth implantation was dream till a decade before.

Nowadays, patients can walk into a dental implant center and walk out with a set of fixed teeth by this technique. Several techniques like teeth in an hour, teeth in a day, and etc have brought a great change or transformation in patient’s lives.

One Piece Implants

Our special technique “Permanent Teeth in 3 Days” is today’s most advanced technique which allows immediate permanent or everlasting teeth in 3 days.

Maximum patients are eligible for these latest implants. Because these new generation implants do not require any bone augmentation and they are relatively economically cheap dental implants.

Some reasons which made one-piece implant the most convenient one:

  • Replacement of teeth for immediate loading- a single trip of 3 days is enough.
  • Money saving treatment. That’s why it is very affordable.
  • There will be no complication at all after implantation. Its structure is very solid and dependable. Lifetime warranty.
  • No bleeding. No swelling.

If you are comparing to conventional screw based implants with one piece implants then firstly it can be said that the second one is more strong and consistent rather then first one. Because one piece implant is a single component solid implants.

Conventional implants or conventional screw based implants with screw joining the implant and abutment have many problems. The size of connecting screw is 2mm which very thin it can break easily.

After several years losing of the screw is common and they have to be tightened periodically. With angulations or in cantilevers are prone to screw losing and breakage in 2 piece implants the joint in among the implant and the abutment and there is leakage of food debris causing bone loss.

Although, lifetime warranty in 2 piece implants is never given. For these reasons, all companies are eliminating the use of screw and shifting to single piece implants. Otherwise, in 2 piece implants, they are incorporating Morse cone.

Advantages of using the Single Piece systems

1. A single piece implant being a single component structure has no joints or a connecting screw. This eliminates has all the distressing problems of 2 piece implants. As such these implants do not have any problems. Which often happened in conventional screw implants.

2. Being a single component structure a single piece implant has no connecting screw or joints. This eliminates has all the distressing problems of 2 piece implants. Such as, these implants don’t have any problems which are conventional screw based implants often associates.

  • There is no possibility of screw breakage or loosening.
  • No micro leakage between implant components.
  • Crystal bone loss commonly seen in two-piece implants, but not here.
  • It is very strong. Here we use a 3-mm single-piece implant which is stronger than conventional 4-mm implant.

3. For immediate loading, these are very suitable. That is why it is specially designed like this. A permanent crown or bridge is placed within 3 days.

4. The procedures are quick, simple, and flapless. No need to cut the gum and patients who are having aspirin or heparin, need not stop them.

5. Missing teeth replacement become very cheap for affordable dental implants. 2 or 3 piece implant is cheaper than one piece implants manufacturing cost. Also, dental implant treatment is more affordable as patients and need not come back after 3 months because their crown is fixed within 3 days.