Permanent Teeth Implants in UK vs. India, Save over 70%!

Permanent Teeth Implants in UK vs. India

One of our website’s main goals is to provide information on various dental treatments. This time, we’ll talk about permanent teeth implants in UK vs. India, especially the price factor and how you can save huge by getting dental implants at Dr. Motiwala’s clinic in India without compromising on the quality of the treatment. So let’s get going.

When a tooth is pulled or lost, a dental implant can be put in its place as a substitute for the tooth’s roots. The crown can then be secured to the dental implant. One implant for every missing tooth is not required in cases where a full mouth needs dental implants.  Dental implants are never visible in the mouth since they are always hidden beneath the gum line in the bone; the only component that is visible is the crown, bridge, or denture that is placed on top. With the advancement in the field of medicine, there is no difference in the quality of permanent teeth implants in UK vs. India, but there is a huge difference in cost

Cost of Permanent Teeth Implants in UK
Deborah was worried about the high cost of permanent teeth implants in UK, she decided to to get full mouth dental implants at Dr. Motiwala’s clinic in India and saved huge!

At Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Centre, a full set of permanent teeth are put on dental implants for the full mouth, your second molars too are included in the full set. In other words, each arch will have 14 teeth. At our cutting-edge facility, the creation of permanent teeth takes three days for precise and high-quality construction. On the same day that the implants are fixed, temporary teeth are also fixed at the same appointment, and the patient returns with teeth. The temporary teeth are taken out and replaced with permanent ones after three days. Permanent teeth may be made of metal-fused zirconia or ordinary porcelain.

When just four or six implants are used, the implant dentist is required to use temporary plastic teeth, which are then replaced three or six months later. With these procedures, there is a very significant chance of implant failure. The patient only ends up with 10–12 teeth, despite the fact that they require molars for effective chewing. At our dental facility in Hyderabad, India; the lower jaw receives 6 to 8 implants, while the upper mouth receives 8 to 10 implants.

With the use of compression implants, basal implants, and pterygoid implants, we are able to provide a full set of permanent teeth with a lifetime warranty in just three days. By utilizing this combination, we are able to provide our patients with a full set of fixed teeth without the need for a sinus lift or bone graft operation. This is where we score over permanent teeth implants in UK.

Permanent Teeth Implants in UK

The Procedure of Permanent Teeth Implant in UK vs. India

The cost of permanent teeth implants in UK or India is influenced by a variety of factors. The following questions come up while deciding on where to get your dental implants:

  • What is the price difference between permanent teeth implants in UK and India?
  • What are the various dental implant types and how do they function?
  • What approach is taken to calculate the price of dental implants for the full mouth?
  • Despite the hefty travel costs, is it still possible to save money on permanent teeth implants in UK if I fly to India instead?

A treatment called full mouth dental implants replaces every tooth in your upper jaw, lower jaw, or both jaws. A set of implants is put up, and prosthetic teeth are positioned to restore your tooth’s robust, natural appearance. With dental implants, you may replace your entire full mouth, top arch, and lower arch. Additionally, we are able to implant teeth in your mouth without a sinus lift or a bone graft being required.

Permanent Teeth in 3 DaysTM – Our Trademark Procedure

At our facility, we can provide stunning, attractive permanent teeth on implants in just three days. The patients do not need to return once osseointegration has taken place for two to three months since we offer permanent prosthesis within three days of implant placement. Therefore, overseas patients just need to set aside one week of their valuable time for a single seven-day visit. We do all necessary standard dental work as well as implant placement over these seven days. Our team of specialists is capable of doing any further minor dental procedures (cosmetic dentistry, single-siting root canals, etc.), and our high-tech, well-equipped lab turns over results quickly.

Since we employ flapless implants, which have minimal discomfort and no swelling, the recovery time following an implant treatment is negligible. Above, we use SINGLE-PIECE IMPLANTS which have multiple advantages over various multi-piece implant systems which have a high chance of failure. You may learn more about affordable single piece implants HERE.

With little recovery time, the entire procedure — including any required extractions — can be finished in one day. The end result is a full set of teeth that boosts self-confidence and looks and feels natural. The phases of Permanent Teeth in 3 DaysTM are as follows:

  • Tooth extractions (if required)
  • Placement of implants
  • Fabrication & fitting of prosthetics on implant

With this method, the implant is put in place at the same surgical visit that the teeth are removed. On the day of surgery, a fixed acrylic bridge is made. For permanent ceramic teeth that are created and installed in 3 days, impressions are obtained. Thus, the timeframe for Permanent teeth in 3 days is finished in a single journey. Unlike permanent teeth in a day or teeth in an hour, this method is different.

Methodology Used for Permanent Teeth Implants in UK

Now, let’s compare the process of getting permanent teeth implants in UK with Dr. Motiwala’s trademarked Permanent Teeth in 3 DaysTM methodology discussed above. So, how long does it take to get permanent teeth implants in UK? Between each stage of a conventional dental implant procedure, around the following amount of time passes:

  • Stages of diagnosis and planning take 4 weeks. Scan results, impressions, and conversations with the lab will all be a part of this.
  • After that, the dental implants would be inserted.
  • Depending on the precise mix of therapies you had, the healing phase might last anywhere from 3 to 6 months. In order to guarantee the effectiveness of the implant, this healing process shouldn’t be hurried.
  • Restorative Phase: 4 weeks or more. You can begin recovering the implant after the healing process at the implant insertion site is complete.

So it’s pretty much clear that flying to India is so much better than getting permanent teeth implants in UK in terms of the time taken for treatment plus you get Single-Piece implants at Dr. Motiwala’s clinic in India unlike multi-piece implants in UK. Now, we will discuss the cost factor in the next section.

Permanent Dental Implants in UK

Cost of Permanent Teeth Implants in UK vs. India

There are various procedures available in order to obtain permanent teeth implants in UK as well as India, the cost summary for the different procedures is given below.

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Cost of Permanent Teeth Implants in UK vs. India – The Factors

A variety of factors, including the method, the quality of the materials used, the quantity used, and the time required, affect the price of dental work. These are the factors that affect how much would be the price of permanent teeth implants in UK versus India.

Extraction: A large number of patients require the removal of their damaged permanent teeth, which raises the cost of the medical care. The extractions at our clinic normally add up £40 to the total cost of the dental implant procedure, which is a little extra expenditure.

Bone Graft: Firm and long-lasting implants are only possible with healthy jawbone. However, some medical conditions and ageing are associated with some types of bone loss. As a result of wearing dentures, jawbones become weak and brittle, needing bone grafting. In the UK, bone grafting typically costs roughly £800 for full mouth implants. A painful procedure like a bone graft may be completely avoided with Dr. Motiwala’s Permanent teeth in 3 daysTM treatment, therefore you should be happy.

IV Sedation: Basal implants are flapless and self-tapping which significantly reduces the amount of time needed for surgery, and using sedative pills is quite beneficial.

Extra Procedures: The prices for extra procedures related to permanent teeth in UK and India are summarised in the table below.

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Your Savings on Permanent Teeth Implants in UK vs. India

Lastly, if you decide to get your dental implants in India then how much can you save on the price you would pay for permanent teeth implants in the UK? You must be aware of how much you would save, including your travel expenses to Hyderabad, India.

If you choose to receive your care from Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Center in Hyderabad, India, you might save up to GBP £44,000 on the price of permanent teeth implants in UK. Do you want to know how? You would save a tonne of money even after accounting for your travel expenses.

The price of a full mouth dental implant for one of our patients who flew to Hyderabad, India, is shown below as an example. This patient had a dental vacation to India as well as the placement of a full mouth fixed bridge with six implants. This patient had to go to Hyderabad twice to finish the therapy, with a four-month gap in between visits to allow for recovery. The cost comparison table below makes it easy to calculate your savings.

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See how you may finish the surgery in only one trip while saving GBP £44,000 in India compared to the cost of permanent teeth implants in UK!

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