Procedure of Dental Veneers

dental veneers cost in India

Procedure of Dental Veneers

The placement of dental veneers is a simple, yet effective procedure that is completed in the span of a few visits and does not need any major surgery. The entire procedure is completed in the following steps.

  • At first, you should schedule a consultation with a dentist like Dr. Irfan Motiwala. You can ask him about what are your expectations for the end result and how many treatment options are available to you. Considering your case, x-rays of your teeth and mouth may be taken. Afterward, your next appointment is scheduled.
  • Next time, a dental surgeon trims enamel from your tooth, so they can make its impression. To numb the area and alleviate it, he may use a local anesthetic.
  • Your impression is examined deeply in the dental lab. Then you can get your bespoke veneers. While work is being done on creating your permanent teeth, you can inquire about the resin veneers that look like natural teeth for temporary use.
  • To ensure your oral region can get the veneer without any complication, a dentist will polish, clean, and etch your teeth. When your teeth are roughened, it helps in strengthening bonding.
  • Now, specific cement is applied to the veneer by the dental surgeon after which, he will incorporate it with your tooth. After its proper positioning, your veneer is photopolymerized. To active the cement’s chemical; a light beam is utilized for hardening it and finishing the veneer’s bonding on your tooth.
  • If required, the dental surgeon may make any final adjustments.

Dental Veneers Cost in India

While looking into dental veneers cost in Australia, keep in mind that it depends on various factors. For example, you have to consider the type of veneers (composite or porcelain) that you should get. Or you can think of how many of your teeth need veneers. A national survey about dental veneer cost in Australia reveals that composite veneers can cost as high as around $900 for a single tooth while the price of porcelain veneer is a lot higher; it costs almost $2,000 per tooth.

Rather than spending such a massive amount of money on dental veneers cost you should consider getting your veneers in India. The dental veneers cost in India is extremely low. If you visit Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Center, you can have your entire treatment done within 20% of your initial budget.