Seven Advantages of Dental Implants

How you replace broken, missing, or decayed teeth affect how you eat, talk, and do other things you do every day. Dentures and bridges are two of the most common solutions, but neither is perfect. On the other hand, dental implants are long-lasting replacements that can’t be seen. When you get permanent replacements from Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Centre, the benefits of dental implants are clear in how you look, how comfortable you are, and how well you feel.

Dental Implants Behave Like Natural Teeth

The bite force is important if you want to eat the foods you like, but most replacement teeth only give you back a small amount of the bite force you used to have. Dentures and other tooth replacements that are temporarily attached to your gums or existing teeth can’t keep the same bite force as a dental implant. If you put too much pressure on your dentures, it can break the bond and hurt, and it may also stop you from being able to chew as you normally would.

With dental implants, you can get back to the way you used to chew and bite. Each implant is permanently attached to your jawbone by titanium posts. This lets them look and work like real teeth.

Dental Implants Can Last a Lifetime

Dental bridges usually last between five and ten years, and dentures need to be fixed about as often. Dental implants, on the other hand, are a permanent way to replace missing teeth that last about 25 years. As long as you take good care of your implants, they can be a solution to tooth loss for the rest of your life.

How long your implant lasts depends on how it was put in, how well you take care of it, and how your lifestyle affects your oral health. Just like your real teeth, implants in some parts of your mouth will wear down more than others. If you brush and floss your implants like you would your natural teeth, they will continue to look real. Some things you do, like smoking, drinking, and opening packages with your teeth, can shorten the life of your implants.

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Dental Implants Prevent Bone Loss

For your jaw to grow, it needs to be worked on. When you chew, you stimulate your teeth before they break or fall out. Other replacements that aren’t attached to the bone can’t keep bone mass because they move, fall off, and hurt. When you move your dentures over the ridge of bone, they can damage your jaw even more. You need a long-term solution to protect your bone mass.

Since implants are stable and fixed to the bone, they give your bones the right amount of stimulation to keep them from shrinking. Because they work like real teeth, dental implants stop bone loss and improve your oral and overall health.

Dental Implants Keep Nearby Teeth in Place

Have you ever forgotten to wear a retainer or aligner for a few days and found it hard to put it back on? Your teeth can move around easily. When your teeth move, you might feel pain or discomfort, or you might not notice until you see the changes. When you lose a tooth, the empty space makes it easier for your other teeth to shift out of place. Having new gaps and crooked teeth can make things worse.

Permanent dental implants keep your smile even and keep you from needing more dental work.

Dental Implants Can Help You Avoid Gum Disease

Bacteria grow in the spaces left by missing teeth. The bacteria that can cause gum disease to eat food, especially starch, and sugar. When an unusual amount of bacteria grows in your mouth, you’re more likely to get gingivitis, which makes your gums red and swollen. If your gums are inflamed, you may see blood when you brush your teeth.

If you don’t treat gingivitis, it can turn into an infection in your gums called periodontitis. Pockets can also form between your teeth and gums when you have periodontitis. As your body releases enzymes to fight the infection, these enzymes can break down everything in the pockets, including connective tissue.

Gum disease hurts your jawbone and makes you lose more teeth. When you fill in the spaces, you keep the rest of your mouth from getting sick.

Dental Implants Can Prevent Changes in the Facial Structure

When you lose teeth and your jaw starts to waste away, you may look older because the shape of your face depends on your teeth. Keeping the mass of your jawbone up is important for your bite force, and it also affects how you look. As your face changes because you lose teeth or bones break down, you may notice that you have more wrinkles around your mouth or that your jaw is less noticeable.

To keep your jawline, it’s important to keep your bones stimulated. Implants support and stimulate your face so that its shape stays the same.

Dental Implants Enable Natural Speech

When you’re missing teeth, you might find it hard to say certain words. Patients can also have trouble with some replacement teeth. For example, a patient may worry that their new teeth will slip or move around when they smile or talk. Keeping your smile hidden and avoiding words that are hard to say make it harder for you to connect with the people around you.

Dental implants look and feel like real teeth and stay in place, so you can talk normally.

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