Sinus Lift: All you need to know!

sinus lift surgery

Sinus Lift: All you need to know

Dr. Motiwala is a Dental Clinic and Implant Center where we don’t just offer full mouth rehabilitation and give you a perfect smile. A sinus lift is one of the things we do too. In this article, we will be sharing with you an insight to what Sinus lift means, the types, how it’s done, the myth and those that need.

What is it?

Who needs the Sinus lift surgery? Sinus lift (also known as a bone graft) for those who don’t know is a certain procedure that is used while a patient is undergoing an implant treatment. It (Sinus lift) is usually done to help improve not only the quantity but the quality of the bone where the implant will be placed.

The sinus lift surgery is also known as sinus augmentation. In simple terms, it helps to elevate the bone height to complement that of the upper jaw.

Sinus Lift

Who needs Sinus Lift Surgery?

Basically, Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic and Implant Center would recommend this to a patient who happens to have a low density of bone, especially in the upper back of the tooth region. For one reason or the other, you might have lost the bone due to:

  • Tooth loss
  • Periodontal disease
  • You are now left without adequate bone for a place implant

The Major Types

There are four major types Sinus Lift. Depending on the condition. We have the:

  • Crystal Core Elevation (which is also known as CCE).
  • The Summers technique which is also known as Osteotome Technique.
  • Balloon Sinus Elevation. Finally, we have the;
  • Lateral Window Technique (also known as LWT).

How It Works?

  • First, the dentist will expose the bone.
  • Then make a small circled-shape cut into the bone.
  • The piece will then be lifted into what is called the Sinus Cavity. You should picture it as a trap door. With the space below it containing bone graft material. Here at Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic and Implant Center, we make use of for the best result.
  • The final step involves closing the incision to make sure the healing process starts.
  • Meanwhile, the healing process depends on you as an individual, but normally, within a year, everything will be ok.

You need to complete this process to be able to undergo successful implant surgery. Now you know why sinus lifting and graft surgery is very important.

The Myth

Does it still work now? Yes of course it does! But the real question we should ask is if it is outdated. Yes, it is! How? The emergence of pterygoid implants, basal implants, and zygomatic implants, there are more effective ways to restore the jaws nowadays. The bridges get fixed within 3 to 5 days (max).

Sinus Lift Cost

For any Sinus lift complications, we will do it at an affordable price. You will be saving a certain percentage by patronizing us today. Give us a call to know the actual cost for a sinus lift. Our professionals will attend to you in no time. Located in the heart of India, we will deal with any teeth issue you might be having.