Sinus Lift Surgery in Canada & It’s Complications

Sinus Lift Surgery in Canada

Sinus Lift Surgery in Canada

In most surgeries involving dental implants, orthodontists recommend their patients to go for a sinus lift surgery. This is often the case when a patient’s sinus bone doesn’t have the capabilities to hold the dentures in place. The findings are disclosed after your doctor has done a few of the initial tests, and he/she feels that you need this lift surgery for a sinus augmentation.

The process might sound overwhelming to you, but at the end of the day it is just another dental procedure that has become increasingly common over time. Dentists have now garnered a lot of experience in the field and are able to master this surgical treatment.

sinus lift surgery Sinus Lift Surgery in Canada

Average Sinus Lift Cost in Canada

A sinus lift surgery in Canada can cost you around $1600 to $2400 for each side of the mouth. This means that if you require the surgery on both sides of your mouth, you would have to go for a full mouth surgery that will cost around $3,200 and $4,800.

Factors That Affect the Total Cost

The total sinus lift cost in Canada is influenced by the following factors:

  • The type of bone being used for the grafting process. This will include the process for putting the bone back into place.
  • The size and shape of the area that requires the surgery.
  • Sinus Lift Surgery in Canada
  • The need for additional procedures, such as CT Scans and X-Rays.

You can reduce your cost of treatment by looking for other alternatives. The cost of sinus lift in Hyderabad, India, is a lot less than that in Canada, the US, Australia, and other developed countries.

When Is a Sinus lift required?

A sinus lift is usually the need of the hour in the following scenarios:

  • The back of your upper jaw happens to have lesser bone than your lower jaw.
  • Your maxillary sinus is located really close to your upper jaw. The shape and the size of the sinus are not common in all humans, which is why every person has their own sinus.
  • Bone deficiency that has resulted due to the removal of a cyst or tumor in the body.
  • Injury or trauma to your face or jaw.

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