Your Guide to a Sinus Lift Surgery in Hyderabad

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Sinus Lift Surgery in Hyderabad

The world of dental treatments has grown by leaps and bounds during the last decade or so, as we have a lot of progressive and effective treatment options available in the market.

One of these treatment options, which is making rounds among the masses is that of sinus lift surgery. For those who aren’t aware of it, a sinus lift surgical procedure is performed on a person to increase the quantity of bone that is present on their upper jaw. This is done to ensure that the bone on the upper jaw is stable enough to support the weight of the implants that sit at the top of the jaw.

If the patient has bone loss on their upper jaw, then the sinus has to be moved upwards to make room for a bone graft treatment to take place. The whole procedure is to ensure the flawless addition of upper jaw implants in your teeth.

Dentists today do not risk placing an implant without the presence of proper bone support. Hence, they go for the safer option present within the sinus lift surgery and the addition of the bone graft.

Sinus Lift Surgery in Hyderabad

How does It work?

Dentists can use a wide range of material as the primary source for the bone matter placed as a graft during this procedure. Patients often use material from their own bones, or often from a donor. Patients who prefer material from their own bones to be used, another surgical procedure is done to extract the required material from the tibia or the hips area in the market.

Patients have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to the sinus lift surgery in USA. The same can be said for patients getting a sinus lift surgery in Hyderabad. The availability of numerous options means that patients can choose the aesthetics of the treatment based on their own preference.

Who Requires a Sinus Lift?

Sinus lift surgery is perfect for anyone suffering from the lack of proper bone support in the upper jaw. The surgery is required when the upper jaw isn’t able to support the dental implants required for proper implants.

Once a tooth falls, or is surgically removed, the density of the bone structure on your upper jaw gradually decreases. The decrease in the bone density present within the area means that the sinus lift surgery is the last resort left for dentists to try out.

Sinus lift surgery cost depends on numerous factors, including the location you are getting the treatment from. For instance, sinus lift surgery in Hyderabad would cost you a lot less than a sinus lift surgery in USA.

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