Sinus Lift Surgery in India – Why?

sinus lift cost in India
Sometimes, when people book an appointment for dental implants, they face an issue. They need more bone in their upper jaws so their dental implants can be placed properly, or else their treatment can go awry. To fix this issue, dental surgeons often have to perform a sinus lift surgery first. This procedure is used for placing the additional bone on upper jaws and making it support all types of dental implants. So, where exactly is the extra bone added? Well, it is generally placed at that jaw area that houses your molars or premolars where it is delicately fixed between the maxillary sinuses and the upper jawbone.

The procedure’s name comes from its exact operation: the dental surgeon lifts the “sinus” membrane of a patient’s maxillary sinuses in order to create the required room where they can then go on to add the additional bone.

sinus lift surgery Sinus Lift Surgery in India

How Is the Surgery Performed?

Let’s have a more detailed look at how the surgery works. At first, your surgeon is going to expose your jawbone by making a gum incision. For this purpose, the dentist can create a precise bone-based hole, which is primarily used for slowly pushing your sinus in the upward direction. Once this process is complete, the bone graft component is then carefully placed. The surgeon will then move to closing the gums with stitches. The bone component here can be any of the following.

  • An artificial bone made by the dental team.
  • A bone donated by a third party.
  • Sinus Lift Surgery in India
  • A small bone graft taken from the patient him or herself.

A normal sinus lift surgery takes up to 120 minutes.

Comparing Sinus Lift Cost in the USA with Sinus Lift Cost in India

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