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Sinus Lift Surgery For Teeth Implants Excellent

Sinus Lift Surgery for Teeth Implants – What to Expect?

sinus lift complications

Being told that you require a sinus lift surgery before your teeth implant can be a daunting prospect for many patients. Not only is the term a new one for most patients, but they also find themselves in unchartered territory when it comes to this treatment.

While the prospects might seem daunting, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to sinus lift treatment.

Sinus lift surgery is an extremely common procedure that can make getting dental implants easier for you, even after suffering from bone loss.

Knowing that you would want to know more about this surgical procedure, here we will look into the world of sinus lift treatment, and what you ought to know about it:

What is a Sinus Lift Surgery?

A sinus lift surgery is basically a dental procedure that grafts additional bone to your upper jaw area, of the premolar and molar teeth. Your sinus membrane is filled to make room for the additional bone to be placed.

A trained dentist or oral surgeon would be able to carry this surgery at ease, because of the frequency of patients’ option for it now. There is no need to worry as far as safety is concerned, as a good dentist will ensure that they handle all sinus lift complications, and you don’t feel the pain of the treatment.

Sinus Lift Surgery

Why You Need this Treatment?

A sinus lift surgery is needed when a patient is found to have an insufficient bone in their upper jaw area. The lack of bones in the upper jaw area isn’t sufficient to hold a dental implant to place.

For dental implants to sit into place, it is necessary for them to fuse with the jaw bone. But, for that to happen there needs to be sufficient bone mass in the bone area. If the bone mass isn’t present, your dentist will not be able to do anything.

You may need this treatment option in the following situations:

  • If your jaw bone has suffered previous damage, and has gone through trauma.
  • If a cyst or tumor was present in the jaw bone area, but has been removed.
  • If you have suffered bone loss because of periodontitis.
  • Your bone has shrunk in size because of tooth loss with the passage of age.
  • You have a thin jaw bone naturally.

Recovery Options

You might experience swelling in your mouth immediately after the treatment is done, and you might feel uncomfortable for a few days, but if your dentist has managed sinus lift complications, you may not feel any harsh symptoms or after effects as such.

How Much Does a Sinus Lift Cost in UK

The cost for a sinus lift treatment depends on the dentist you head to and the country you reside. Sinus lift cost in uk is very expensive compared to the cost in countries like India, Sinus Lift Surgery which is why tourists from across the globe visit the country for treatment.

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