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Six Common Oral Diseases That Are Preventable - The Sinus Lift

Six Common Oral Diseases That Are Preventable

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When you think about your mouth health, do you think about getting sick? In the first step, the food you eat moves down your digestive tract. The food you eat affects the rest of your body and can even cause disease. But how you take care of your gums, teeth, and mouth in general will affect a lot of different parts of your total health.

There are a number of diseases that can affect the mouth, and some of them could get worse and cause more problems. (Always remember that early intervention is the best way to improve the chances that treatment will work. (Don’t forget to talk to yourself!)

AND maybe the most common false belief is that only older people have serious problems with their mouth health. Not true! Even though the risk of mouth diseases goes up with age, that doesn’t mean that younger people have nothing to worry about.

There are six different mouth diseases that younger people may get.

Gum Disease

Diseases of the gums, which are often called “periodontal” diseases, can come in many different forms. They can cause painful swelling and changes to the way the bite works. Studies show that gum disease is common not only in older people, but also in young adults and teenagers.


Gingivitis is an illness that can happen to anyone. One sign of it is gum inflammation. This is a problem that can happen to both older and younger people. Most of the time, the disease is caused by bacteria and plaque building up on a person’s teeth. The name for this type of gum disease is “periodontal gingivitis.” Even though it might not be as bad, if left unchecked it can lead to more major health problems.

Sensitivity & Cavities

Some people can start to lose their teeth as early as childhood. This could have many different effects. If you have tooth rot, the disease may make your teeth more likely to break. This makes it more likely that you will crack or break a tooth, which is something you should try to avoid for as long as possible. When you have holes in your teeth, you almost always end up with sensitive teeth.

Endodontic Treatment

When the cap of a tooth becomes loose or falls off, you may need a root canal, which is a dental procedure done in the dentist’s office. This is a common treatment that is often done on young people, but it is not a very good one. It involves taking out the tooth’s root, which makes the tooth less sensitive and less painful. Then, a brand-new cap is put on the very top.

TMJ Syndrome

TMJ disease is another illness that can happen to people of any age. This problem affects the jaw, so when the person opens and closes their mouth, a crackling sound can be heard in the jaw. A lot of people also say they are in pain and feel stiff.

Oral Cancer

Even though it is common, oral cancer is a scary disease. A dentist is trained to spot the first signs of mouth cancer and can come up with a good way to treat it to stop it from getting worse and spreading.

Role of Your Dentist

Most of the time, people go to the dentist because they are having pain in their mouth, usually in the form of a toothache. You should definitely call a dentist right now, but this shouldn’t be the only time you look for one. Everyone needs the services of a doctor who they go to regularly.

People should think about starting preventive dental care early in life. Even for very young children, the sooner they start getting regular dental exams, the less likely it is that they will get more dangerous oral diseases.

Start by making an appointment to see your dentist at least once a year, and preferably twice. After that, call your dentist to make an appointment for a full checkup of your teeth, gums, and the tissue around them. You can also schedule a dental cleaning when you look for a doctor in your area.


People of all ages should put their mouth health first and work to keep and improve it. Unfortunately, many younger people think that only older people get problems like gum disease and cancer of the mouth and throat. Even so, a lot of people under 40 have these illnesses. Just remember that you should be aware of the risks and realize how important it is to see Dr. Motiwala at Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Centre as part of your plan to keep your teeth healthy.

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