The Untold Dangers of Tooth Decay

Tooth Decay

The Untold Dangers of Tooth Decay

Most people, to some extent or another, experience tooth decay at some point in their life. If you have tooth pain, it may be a sign of a cavity, therefore you should schedule an appointment with a dentist right once.

What Leads to Dental Decay?

Plaque, which forms on the tooth’s enamel as a result of food particles and bacteria accumulating in the mouth, causes tooth decay. Plaque slowly turns into acid over time, corroding the tooth. Tooth decay can occur because of poor dental hygiene or because some people are prone to it.

What Are the Top Health Risks Associated With Tooth Decay?

If left untreated for a prolonged period of time, dental decay and cavities can have serious effects on your health. The following are some of the most severe concerns associated with untreated tooth decay:

  • When decay persists beyond the gum line or in your molars, deep cavities may cause bone loss. When coupled with aging-related natural bone loss, this can be problematic if you ever need implants or other orthodontic treatment.
  • Untreated tooth decay has the ability to hasten gum recession. This could make serious periodontal disease more likely.
  • Studies conducted at Harvard Medical School have demonstrated a connection between heart disease risk and tooth decay.
  • If tooth pain is severe, it can negatively affect your quality of life and make you miserable, prone to poor nutrition, and prone to insomnia.
  • In rare and extreme circumstances, problems from tooth decay can lead to death. Examples include septic shock or a major infection that enters the circulation.

How is Dental Decay Prevented?

Dental decay can be significantly reduced with good oral hygiene, however, even routine brushing and flossing can’t always completely prevent cavities.

Your health depends on the complete examination that takes place in conjunction with the twice-yearly cleaning and scaling, as well as x-rays to look for hidden deterioration. The tooth can subsequently be removed if the decay is severe or cavities can be treated.

Keep Tooth Decay from Getting Worse!

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