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When To Get Basal Implants In India Excellent

When to Get Basal Implants in India?

permanent teeth implants
If you are looking for permanent teeth implants, do consider basal implants in India for the distinct set of advantages and benefits they bring to the table.

Among the types of single implants, basal implants are one of the most effective. In this surgery, the abutment and the implant are fused with each other. This is noticeably different from two-piece implants that are known to hit a roadblock because of interface issues. Basal implants primarily consist of three components.

  • Implant surface – A refined surface that prevents plaque and bacteria from sticking up to the implant body or neck.
  • Implant body – The body of a basal implant is fairly thin along with broad thread turns. The body improves vascularity in the implant along with increasing the implant’s contact with the mechanical bone.
  • Basal Implants in India
  • Implant neck – The abutment is bendable up to 25 degrees when the basal implant is positioned in the corticated bone.
  • full mouth restoration in Australia Basal Implants in India


Dr. Jean-Marc Juliet invented the first basal implant in 1972. However, it did not make use of any homologous cutting tools, thus making it quite a tricky and complex dental procedure. Over the next decade, Dr. Gerard Scortecci developed a much more advanced basal implant mechanism—this time, it had the cutting tools. By 1990s, German dentists were using the disk-implant systems as a basis and created certain tools and implant types. As a result, the lateral basal implants and BOI (basal osseointegrated implant) came into existence.

When Do You Need Basal Implants?

Basal implants are required in the following cases.

  • When you are missing multiple teeth at once.
  • When you have to go through teeth extraction of several teeth at once.
  • When the dental procedure of the two-stage bone augmentation or implant placement fails.
  • When you struggle with bone atrophy. For example, some patients have extremely thin ridges because of bone deficiency. Similarly, those who don’t have the required bone height are also required to go through basal implants.

The height issues are caused due to the following factors.

  • When a patient has been using removable dentures for a long period of time. After some years, the dentures are able to resorb the bone, thus decreasing its height.
  • When a patient suffers from periodontal disease, it is possible that their bone is resorbed. If you are diabetic, then the likelihood increases further.
  • When a past trauma or injury caused damage to the alveolar bone.

Denture Implants Cost

If you are concerned about the denture implants cost, you can look for dental treatment in India. India is the home to one of the finest dental surgeons in the world. Moreover, due to the low costs of dental treatment, you can save a great deal of money. Visit Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Center and arrange an appointment with Dr. Irfan Motiwala so he can provide you with the permanent teeth implants.

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