Where Does the Bone Graft Come From?

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A dental bone graft procedure is performed by dental surgeons to reconstruct a patient’s lower and upper jaws. The purpose of graft is to treat bone loss in the affected area. For this purpose, the dental surgeon needs a source for the bone graft. These sources originate from the following.


When dental surgeon uses a patient’s own bone for the procedure, such a bone is called as autograft. Autograph is alternatively known as an autogenous or autologous bone graft. Usually, they are extracted out from the chin, hard palate, or the jaw.

In some cases, a larger amount of bone is needed. Therefore, a dental surgeon may harvest the graft from the shinbone or the hip. Autografts are useful because it is quite unlikely for them to be rejected by the patient’s body. On the flipside, it forces the dental surgeon to perform another surgery on the patient.

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When dental surgeons deem allografts as the preferred material, they operate on the deceased donors for the extraction of the bone graft. Prior to the extraction, they examine the donor to ensure that they are free from any infection.

After the bone extraction process is completed, the surgeon spends ample of time on the treatment of the bone graft to ensure that there are no compatibility issues between it and the patient or else it may trigger side effects.

Allografts save the patient from going through another surgery. Conversely, they can cause an immune reaction when the patient’s body rejects the tissue from the donors.


Xenografts come from an animal like a pig or cow. This bone graft undergoes a series of treatments in which the surgeon only uses the tissue that is composed of the mineral components; rest is thrown away.

Xenografts offer convenience in harvesting a great number of bones while maintaining the intended microstructure. As a result, compatibility is improved.

Xenografts are advantageous because they strengthen the bone and serves as the jaw’s biological and mechanical placeholder. In the beginning, the purpose of a xenograft is to simply provide physical relief to the affected area. As time passes, slowly and gradually, it is replaced by another bone.

Dental Bone Graft Cost in Australia

Dental costs depend on your geographical whereabouts. According to a survey, a standard dental implant can cost more than $5,500 in Australia. If the doctor recommends a bone graft procedure, then the dental bone graft cost in Australia can go as high as $12,000.

On a similar note, the dental bone graft cost in the UK can go as high as £1,100£. Hence, in order to save costs, you can opt for dental bone graft cost in India. Due to the lower costs of dental raw materials and tools, the dental bone graft cost in India is quite affordable—ultimately you can save as much 80% of the dental bone graft cost in the UK!

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