Why Smile Makeover Is Must for The Aged?

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Why Smile Makeover Is Must for The Aged?

As you become older, your teeth can become weak. Despite the fact that you cared diligently for them by flossing, brushing, and cleaning it on time, you can’t beat time. People face different oral problems throughout their entire life such as gingivitis and cavities. Consequently, this toll ultimately ruins their smile. With a smile makeover, you can make a difference.

The treatment for smile design dental can be customized since each patient deals with their own set of oral health problems. For instance, someone may get a smile makeover by teeth whitening while others may need bridgework. Old people may need a smile makeover for the following reasons.

Replace Old Fillings

When fillings remain in your teeth for a long time, they are prone to break, particularly if they were made of silver. Fillings made of mercury are not good for health. If you opt for complete smile dental in Hyderabad, you can replace all your fillings with healthy, tooth-colored, and composite fillings.

Repair the Broken Teeth

Bad habits can ruin your teeth over time, and when you reach a certain age, your teeth cannot be salvaged. If you bite down hard food with your front or molar teeth at an old age, it can cause a chip or crack in your tooth. It is not only unattractive, but it is also painful. To fix such teeth, a surgeon may go for porcelain veneers.

Bridge the Tooth Gaps

If you don’t have a single or multiple teeth, you can’t hide it no matter how hard you try. Your jaw and cheeks look sunken if you have a smile that is marred with holes. This can make you look older than your actual age. Smile design dental can ensure that you don’t have to hide your teeth anymore.

Treat Gum Disease

Gums of old people are prone to infection because they cannot carry teeth as well as they used to do. You cannot directly go for cosmetic dentistry. Firstly, you will have to eliminate any risks of periodontitis or gingivitis and make your teeth healthy enough, so you can avail smile makeover.

Complete Smile Design Dental in Hyderabad

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